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(EN) I AM ZOMBIE Kit in scatola

Sold by: Make Believe Games
39,90 € cad.


Maxi-confezione di carte e segnalini, IN INGLESE

Enter the Toxic world of I AM ZOMBIE — a dramatic new kind of storytelling RPG for 2+ players. With a sleek and streamlined Axiom System ruleset, simple character creation (“Just Pick Five Cards”) and board-game style play, I Am Zombie is one of the most innovative, yet effortless to learn and play, RPGs ever: Start playing in minutes, then learn as you go. ID Cards, Brainz Dice, and Bump Chips help to make telling thrilling stories with visceral impact a blast!

I AM ZOMBIE is a game of survival in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak and the quarantines that follow. But this is not your typical zombie game because you BECOME the zombie. Once you enter the mysterious Toxic world of half-dead, lucid zombies, everything you thought you knew is turned on its head.

I Am Zombie Playkit —  packed with all the gear and tools you need—scores of ID Cards, Brainz Dice, and Bump Chips— to tell thrilling stories with visceral impact in the secret world of the Toxic! Includes:

• 32-pages Axiom System book (Axiom Null), detailing character creation, dice rolling, mooks and bosses, and everything else you’ll need to play the game (includes both the tabletop and LARP rules.)

• A complete collectors set of eight (8) large (14mm) custom, high-impact “BRAINZ DICE.”

• Two decks (108 cards total) of full color, double-sided (Warm vs. Cold) ID CARDS to create your characters. “Just Pick 5 Cards™.”

• A super-deluxe, hardback, embossed CHARACTER JOURNAL, which includes two card pockets, character stat pages, chronicle charts and a complete lexicon!

• 48 poker-chip-sized BUMP CHIPS to add a whole new dimension to roleplaying. Not just used as Chaw and Brainz tokens, they also let players add twists to a story!

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