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(EN) I AM ZOMBIE Manuale di ambientazione

Sold by: Make Believe Games
Prezzo comune: 39,90 € Nostro prezzo: 39,90 € cad.

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Cartonato, 288 pp., IN INGLESE

Enter the Toxic world of I AM ZOMBIE — a dramatic new kind of storytelling RPG for 2+ players. With a sleek and streamlined Axiom System ruleset, simple character creation (“Just Pick Five Cards”) and board-game style play, I Am Zombie is one of the most innovative, yet effortless to learn and play, RPGs ever: Start playing in minutes, then learn as you go. ID Cards, Brainz Dice, and Bump Chips help to make telling thrilling stories with visceral impact a blast!

I AM ZOMBIE is a game of survival in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak and the quarantines that follow. But this is not your typical zombie game because you BECOME the zombie. Once you enter the mysterious Toxic world of half-dead, lucid zombies, everything you thought you knew is turned on its head.

I Am Zombie Field Manual — hardback, 288 pages; zombie survival guide and world book. A book for all the clueless Toetags out there who are struggling — as we did — to survive that desperate first year of half-life. It includes:

• Briefing materials on strains, cartels and rackets (the type of characters available to play), plus the secret history of the Plagueborn.

• A global overview of the world and its transit routes, hospices, and Hellholes, with eight (8) pages of maps (everything from Detroit to Dubai).

• Detailed information on electronic surveillance and quarantines.

• Advice on how to get off — and stay off — the grid.

• A comprehensive chapter on human threats, focusing on (but not only) BLEACH protocols, equipment, and techniques.

• Explicit information on the effects of serums and drugs, from Strontium 90 to Brainz.

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