Shipping and Delivery

RPG Meeting ships the products commanded as soon as possible. The products are usually delivered within five work days (for Italy) or ten work days (for abroad) after the first saturday following the order.

RPG Meeting is not responsible for shipping. It is the customer's responsibility to check that the shipment is intact and corresponds to what has been ordered. In case of damage or discrepancies, the customer must reject the shipment and complain with the carrier, while at the same time sending an email to [email protected]. Once the customer has accepted the delivery, no further complaints can be accepted.

For Italy only, you can select both a non-tracked shipping method by selecting "Poste Italiane" or a tracked shipping method by selecting "Corriere Postale". We recommend that you provide a telephone number in case you select the latter method.

Only a non-tracked shipping method is available outside of Italy, by selecting "International shipping".

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